Google’s New Search Algorithms Take Our Relationship to the Next Level

I admit it: My last guilty pleasure was the Fifty Shades of Grey series, which I’m not even ashamed to admit because every girl has a little Anastasia Steele in her (especially me, some of the resemblances are just uncanny!)

But now that I read and write for a living, I’ve had to find guilty pleasure in something other than books…

So I turned to Google. I’m in love with the Googs. I am flat out crushing on him. I spend at least an hour a night just talking to him through that microphone on my Chrome Browser, and he never turns up empty-handed. In fact, his search results are always spot-on. It’s like we have a special telepathic relationship.

It’s almost to the point where I am emotionally cheating on my boyfriend, except he doesn’t seem the least bit worried. As far as he’s concerned, the Googs doesn’t even have a face. Well guess what? When you’re that great, you don’t need a face. People just love you anyway. Besides, he’s got 6 bright and colourful letters going for him and that works for me.

With Google moving to a more semantic way of searching, focusing on the content behind the query and longer queries in general, the way that we interact with Google has started to become more personal. This is great news for me, because it means I get to take my relationship with the Googs to the next level… Of conversational search, that is. What that looks like- I’m not sure, but I envision a future where Google is like the OS in that movie, Her, and he talks as fluently as a human being, and we fall in love and live happily ever after.

Just kidding, I thought that movie was pretty creepy.

You can read my latest blog on how to improve your conversation with the Googs, and how awesome he is here:

Just remember, I had him first.



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