Tim Hortons Nights

My father wrote this poem in 1974. My mom was in College (Niagara College) and the two of them spent a lot of time at the Tim Hortons on Niagara Street. I think even 40 years later, it’s as relevant as ever and reinstates how important Tim Horton’s is to our national identity.




Oh the Tim Horton nights

With dissolution in your soul

The emptiness of donut holes

Reflections in your coffee mug

Of a strangers face so smug

And all around

Lonely people frown

Talking their dreams to sleep

Coming in from the cold

Of a one horse town

To put their money down

And listen

To all the tales

Of Towers sales

Yesterday’s hockey scores

Tomorrow’s wars

The homework and the chores

Oh Tim Horton Nights.

By Roman Wojciechowski


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