Sometimes I tell people true stories about crazy things that happen to me, and they don’t believe me. Or sometimes I have memories that are so beautiful, that I can’t help but wonder if I’ve dreamed them up.

This blog is a place for all of those stories to go, to validate the fact that I’ve lived a good life, and my childhood was beautiful, no matter what lies ahead.

Sometimes you have to look behind you to remember what’s worth living for.

My Dad

My Dad

Writer. Specializes in children’s literature, poetry, short fiction, memoirs, humour.

Research interests include romantic writing, South African literature and Shakespearean drama.

Editor- Digital Platforms at Traffika. Specialises in content marketing, digital marketing and turning technology into the most interesting thing you have ever read about.

Influences: My father, T.S Eliot, John Keats, Leonard Cohen


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Julia Wojciechowski…You have a great blog here..Keep writing and enjoy.Your research topic is nice.Me to like romantic writing
    Thanks Cyril

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